[★BREAKING] LABOUM’s Soyeon rushed to hospital for blood loss

[★BREAKING] LABOUM’s Soyeon rushed to hospital for blood loss

LABOUMs Soyeon was rushed to the hospital for blood loss after managers were unable to stop her nosebleed for an extended period of time.

Soyeon was taken to the hospital following LABOUMs performance for MBCShow Champion. She was reportedly not feeling well prior to the showcase and was having nosebleeds due to fatigue.

LABOUMs staff members advised her not to perform after having an emergency meeting, but she insisted on joining the rest of her members on stage. The production staff pushed back LABOUMs performance to afterward but could not prevent her from performing.

Soyeon was able to finish her performance but because her nosebleeds would not stop and she was beginning to lose an excessive amount of blood, she was rushed to the hospital.

“Soyeon is currently being moved to the emergency room. We will announce further details when we know her condition thoroughly.”

There have been no updates on her condition since she was taken to the emergency room.