[★BREAKING] FNC Entertainment denies Choa and CEO are dating

[★BREAKING] FNC Entertainment denies Choa and CEO are dating

FNC Entertainment has denied AOAs Choa is currently in a relationship with the CEO of a gaming company.

Reports first came out that Choa was in a relationship with Lee Suk Jin, after being introduced by Super JuniorHeechul.

Now, FNC Entertainment has reported that the two are simply friends and are not currently dating.

After checking with Choa, we found out that shes not in a relationship with him. Hes just a close friend and the earlier reports are false.

Lee Suk Jin is a well known AOA fan in the e-Sports community and reportedly visited AOA concerts and events regularly. Reports first announced that he went from being a fan to a boyfriend. The report also mentioned that Insiders in the e-Sports community already knew about Choa and Lee Suk Jin’s relationship as it was widely known amongst them.

The report comes after FNC Entertainment announced that Choa would be taking a break from all AOA activities, after she personally requested it.