[★BREAKING] FNC confirms Choa is on break from AOA

[★BREAKING] FNC confirms Choa is on break from AOA

FNC Entertainment has released a statement about the status of Choa.

Recently, fans were worried about Choa since she has been missing from the groups recent activities. Some were concerned that Choa would be leaving AOA as her Instagram account was removed from the groups Naver page.

Concerns grew as AOA recently performed as 5 members. Seolhyun was absent as she was filming in France, but there was no explanation for Choas absence.

Yuna also posted a message on her personal Instagram account with the lyrics of IUs song Ending Scene which says I really mean it. You have the right to be happier.

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FNC Entertainment has confirmed that Choa is on break, but she personally requested the break herself.

After AOAs concert in March, Choa personally requested a break so she is currently taking a break.