Child actors Lee Tae Woo and Nam Da Reum to play younger versions of Kang Ji Hwan and Choi Daniel

Cute child actors Lee Tae Woo and Nam Da Reum will play the younger versions of Kang Ji Hwan and Choi Daniel, respectively, on "Big Man".

Lee Tae Woo will play the younger Kim Ji Hyuk (Kang Ji Hwan) who becomes the eldest chaebol son overnight and Nam Da Reum will play the younger Kang Dong Suk (Choi Daniel) who grew up rich but has a weak heart.

Lee Tae Woo previously starred in "The Wang Family", "When A Man Loves", "A Hundred Year"s Inheritance", and "Wind Blows in Winter", while Nam Da Rem starred in "Three Days", "Suspicious Housekeeper", and "No Breathing".

"Big Man" portrays the story of an orphan who goes through a fight reminiscent of "David and Goliath" as he tries to protect himself and his loved ones

Ha Yeon Soo Draws Picture of Support for the Victims of the Sewol Ferry Accident

Earlier it was reported that Shim Eun Jin, Lee Hwa Sun, and Han Ji Woo showed their support towards the victims of the Sewol ferry accident by drawing yellow ribbons with messages of hope. Yet, these female celebrities weren’t the only ones to show their support through pictures.

On April 23, actress Ha Yeon Soo also drew her own picture to show support and hope to all those involved in the ferry accident. The actress’ drawing showed a hand clasped together with a yellow ribbon on one wrist. Below, the clasped hands were a cluster of yellow Forsythia flowers. On her Facebook, Ha Yeon Soo uploaded the drawing with the comment “A unified movement can create a big miracle. The meaning of Forsythia flowers means hope.” As many celebrities have shown their support and tribute to the ferry accident victims and families, we can only hope for a special miracle

Kim Soo Hyun Gets Criticized By Netizens for Large Donation

On April 24, actor Kim Soo Hyun donated 300 million Won to Danwon High School, where many of the high school student victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy had attended. Kim Soo Hyun requested that the money be used to create a memorial for the deceased students and also support family members, peers, teachers and friends of the victims.

Most netizens have responded favorably to the actor’s heartfelt gesture while others have taken to their Twitter accounts to voice discontentment with the actor’s large donation in comparison to contributions from other celebrities.

One netizen wrote, “It’s great that you donated, but it looks like you’re trying too hard to stand out? Then did Ryu Hyun Jin donate only 100 million won because he didn’t have a lot of money? How tactless. Even if you have a lot of money, donating 100 million is the proper thing to do

#TBT – Throwback Videos of a few Classics

You know it"s Throwback Thursday when you open your Instagram or Twitter and see numerous hashtags of #TBT followed by pictures from the past. You might also see the occasional picture of a friend on a beach with the hashtag #TakeMeBack.

Taking the same concept, we thought it would be fun to bring back some of the fondest throwback memories of your favorite Kpop artists and see how far they"ve come ...... and some not-so fondest... you"ll see what I mean...

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1) Big Bang - Lies

Tony Soprano used to say "Remember When..." was the lowest form of conversation but I disagree. Looking back at "Lies" now, I can see why Big Bang became the super popular group they are today

KBS Deems San E and 4Minute’s Sexually Suggestive Songs Unfit for Broadcast

KBS recently deemed rapper San E and 4Minute’s songs unfit for broadcast since the lyrics were found to be sexually suggestive in content.

On April 23, a report referenced a certain line in San E’s song, “Body Language” that says, “After doing it, doing it, doing it, doing it, from the top, below, behind and front – all kinds of ways. Undo your buttons and lean your chest against me, ride on top of me and move up and down.”

4Minute’s song, “Come In” has also been judged unfit for broadcast, pertaining to a line that says, “Don’t hesitate and come in deeply, hold me Baby. Touch me.”

What do you think Soompiers? Did they make the right call?


Classic movie ‘Joint Security Area’ to be made into a KBS 2TV drama

"Joint Security Area" ("JSA") has kept its legacy alive from a film to a musical and now it will be made into a drama.

According to an exclusive report by Joy News 24, KBS plans to air an 8-episode KBS 2TV drama remake of "Joint Security Area" this September. KBS reps are currently acquiring the publication rights for novel "DMZ", which the movie is based on, from its original writer Park Sang Yeon. The drama will be directed by PD Kim Jin Woo and written by Park Pil Joo.

"Joint Security Area" is a 2000 mystery film starring Lee Byung Hun and more that brought in over 5 million viewers at the box office. It was adapted into a musical in 2013.

The KBS drama special director Kim Yong Soo stated, "Following a break upon ending the one-act drama special series, it will be aired as a regular drama

Seo Kang Joon Picks Back Hug Scene with Lee Min Jung His Most Memorable Scene on “Cunning Single Lady”

Actor Seo Kang Joon picked back hug scene with Lee Min Jung as the most memorable scene on MBC’s Wednesday – Thursday drama, “Cunning Single Lady.”

On April 21, the actor revealed in a video posted on “Cunning Single Lady” official page, “There is a scene where I confess my love to Lee Min Jung. There are candles lit around us and I say to her, ‘I think about you every morning when I wake up.’ I don’t know why, but this confession scene is most memorable. It was the first scene where I had to show affection and do a back hug.”

He was also asked about the most difficult part while filming the drama, which he answered, “There wasn’t anything that was too hard. I was tired from the lack of sleep, but the sunbaes looked after me and taught me many things. I learned a lot

Hongki poses with Japanese actor Oguri Shun for ‘AJ’ magazine

F.T Island"s Hongki posed with popular Japanese actor Oguri Shun (whom most may know from Japan"s "Boys Over Flowers") for the third volume of "AJ" magazine.

This magazine allows stars all over Asia to collaborate and work together for special photo shoots. In this case, Korean singer Hongki posed with Japanese actor Oguri Shun. Previous collaborations include Japanese actress Nagasawa Masami and Taiwanese artist Show Lo.

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For this upcoming May issue, both Hongki and Oguri Shun show off their good looks in clean-cut, matching suits. Their photo shoot and interview cover about 30 pages, which is not limited to just Hongki but also shows the other F

Kang Ji Hwan V. Kim Jaejoong V. Lee Jong Suk


In the next two weeks there"s a whole new lineup of dramas to compete for first place in the ratings battle and to court the hearts of k-drama fans.

And often it"s not about which drama will come in first but rather a question of which star will capture the fancy of the viewing public.

The first to start is "Big Man," starring Kang Ji Hwan, Daniel Choi, Lee Da Hee and Jung So Min. All of these stars have been in first-rate dramas. Kang Ji Hwan played Yoon Eun Hye"s love interest in "Lie To Me." Daniel Choi was last seen in "School 2013." Lee Da hee was in "I Hear Your Voice" and "Secrets" last year. Jung So Min appeared in "Playful Kiss."

In this revenge drama, Kang Ji Hwan plays the lead role. He"s Kim Ji Hyuk, a poor orphan who makes it on his own only to discover he"s the secret son of a rich family

“Three Days” Remains In First Place


The drama schedule is slowly returning to normal following last week"s tragic ferry disaster. But despite cancellations and competing news broadcasts, there has been little change in the order of viewer ratings. The political thriller "Three Days" remains firmly in first place as it approaches its finale.

The presidential bodyguard Han Tae Kyung, played by Park Yoochun and the policewoman, Yoon Bo Won, played Park Ha Sun are still fighting to gather enough evidence. They need the evidence to take down the evil Do Jin and the Jaesin Corporation but no matter how much evidence they gather, it never seems to be enough. With only a few episodes left, it"s hard to imagine how much more evidence it will take or who they will need to convince to make things right. It is fun to see Park Yoochun demonstrate his ace fighting skills against a seemingly endless succession of bad guys, but hopefully the good guys will soon succeed