Orange Caramel pose for IZE MAGAZINE

Orange Caramel pose for IZE Magazine.

The girls garner much attention with their latest song titled 'Catallena', the girls showcase their cuteness during their live performance.

For their latest photoshoot, the girls portray a more mature and cool image, check out more photos from the magazine below:

‘God’s Gift” Jo Seung Woo’s Death Was Planned

(Photo : SBS)

The ending of "God"s Gift-14 Days" that ended on April 22nd was already decided from the beginning.

A staff member of "God"s Gift" said on April 23rd on a phone call with , "The ending of the piece was already hinted in the synopsis before the braodcasting. It"s not an ending that was created at the end for a twist," he said. Ki Dong CHan (played by Jo Seung Woo)"s older brother Ki Dong Ho (played by Jung Eun Pyo)"s look on his face when he leave prison also leaves open the possibility that Ki Dong Chan Is alive as this Is an open ending" he adds.

On the last episode of "God"s GIft" It was revealed that Ki Dong Chan was the person who had killed Han Saet Byul (played by Kim Yoo Bin) before the time slip. Hoewver, behind this was the president"s wife and the secretary Lee Myung Han (played by Joo Jin Mo)

Infinite’s L is Sad to Say Goodbye to ‘Cunning Single Lady’

Infinite’s L shared his feelings on wrapping up Cunning Single Lady.

MBC’s Cunning Single Lady recently uploaded a video featuring an interview with Infinite’s L on its homepage.

In the video L said, “Today is the last day for Cunning Single Lady. I’m really sad. I wish there was more time so I can make more memories with the nunas and hyungs.”

Taking the role of secretary ‘Gil Yo Han,’ L successfully acted out the confident and cunning character in the drama.

He added, “Please show your love for the final episode of Cunning Single Lady and for Infinite’s L.”

Meanwhile, the final episode of Cunning Single Lady will be airing on April 24

FNC Music warns Jung Yonghwa fans about a fake me2day account

Some people aspire to be like celebrities, some idolize them, and a select few will actually take the time to create fake SNS accounts pretending to live their lives. It’s been revealed that CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa is the latest celebrity to inspire an impostor account on a social networking service.

On January 24th, a netizen pretending to be the singer wrote on me2day, “Kang Dong Ho senior sang CNBLUE’s “Love” on a Lunar New Year special. ^^ Thank you Kang Dong Ho sunbaenim“.

It seemed as if Jung Yonghwa was personally thanking actor Kang Dong Ho for his cover of CNBLUE’s song on SBS‘s ’Pop Star Actor‘.

However, CNBLUE’s agency firmly denied that such an account exists

2AM’s Jo Kwon Brings Up the Sunken Ferry During Japanese Concert

2AM’s Jo Kwon asked the Japanese fans to pray for the victims and families of the sunken ferry.

On April 23, a Japanese hallyu wave mediaWow! Korea reported on 2AM’s launching of Live Arch Vol. 10 on April 20 in Tokyo dome’s City Hall.

According to the report, 2AM sang eleven songs live that day, dressed in all black suits.

After singing, 2AM held a talk show, during which Jo Kwon said, “As you may all know, there was a horrendous accident in Korea. I ask that you all pray with us.”

The 2AM member added, “We thought about canceling this concert but decided to stage the performance for the Japanese fans who have been waiting for us,” to which the fans responded with applause.

Photo credit: Bighit Entertainment

‘You Are All Surrounded’ Reveals Clumsy Rookie Cops in New Teaser

With Three Days wrapping up, a new crowd of cops is headed our way with SBS’ You Are All Surrounded releasing another teaser.

The new teaser was released on April 24, bringing a closer look at the four rookie cops who dream of becoming first class detectives.

Starring Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara, Ahn Jae Hyeon, and Park Jung Min as the rookie cops, You Are All Surrounded is about a new group of detectives who have the best and most fierce detective (Cha Seung Won) as their team leader.

The drama will begin on May 7.

Photo Credit: SBS

Si Wan in a luxurious suit in “Triangle – Drama”

ZEA's Si Wan is now a rich boy.

He takes on the role of Yoon Yang-ha in the MBC drama "Triangle - Drama".

"Triangle - Drama" is about three brothers who had to part ways due to life's cruel play and reunite many years later by the fate of family. Yoon Yang-ha is the youngest of the three and was adopted to a wealthy family who gave him a different name instead of using his real name which is Jang Dong-woo.

Still cuts show Si Wan in a luxury suit with a handkerchief and necktie.

Tae Won Entertainment said, "Si Wan is doing well. Everyone is surprised and 120% loving him. As anticipation for the drama rises, we hope Si Wan will do an amazing job".

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‘You’re Surrounded’ continues its chase to catch criminals in second teaser

The chase to hunt down the bad guys continues in "You"re Surrounded"s second teaser with Cha Seung Won training rookie detectives like Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara, and Ahn Jae Hyun!

Cha Seung Won starts off the teaser by telling the rookie detectives, "I have only one thing to teach you which is that you guys can never be detectives", expressing his lack of confidence in the rookies at first as they fail to follow through with his guidelines.

As mentioned before, "You"re Surrounded" centers on four rookie police officers in their 20s who had no dreams of becoming investigators, but gradually develop into true police officers. The drama is written by Lee Jung Sun of "Ojakgyo Brothers" and produced by Yoon In Sik of "Giant" and "Incarnation of Money"

Lee Byeong-heon in “Terminator: Genesis”

Actor Lee Byeong-Heon has been confirmed to star in the Hollywood blockbuster "Terminator: Genesis" and is currently analyzing his character.

Database IMDB claimed, "Lee Byeong-Heon's name has been listed on the cast and his name is fourth on the list. Considering the fact that names are listed according to the amount of appearances in the movie, it seems that Lee Byeong-Heon is one of the main characters. It's not known yet what Lee Byeong-Heon's character name is yet".

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Kim Ye-won-I and Kim Kwon in “Into The Flames”

Kim Kwon and Kim Ye-won-I met for the first time.

"Into The Flames" revealed pictures of lead stars Park Tae-hyeong (Kim Kwon) and Kumiko (Kim Ye-won-I).

Park Tae-hyeong and Kumiko met right before the Japanese Student Judo Competition. Despite his exceptional ability, Park Tae-hyeong had to be the Judo team's errand boy as they were prejudice against the Joseons. One day, there was a gun battle where he saves Kumiko, who is the only daughter of a wealthy plutocrat company called Sinsekai. Kumiko starts showing interest in Tae-hyeong and he begins to fall for her, too.

Kim Kwon and Kim Ye-won-I shot the gun battle scene. They were able to successfully film this difficult scene as safety became a priority for the two young stars.

Meanwhile, "Into The Flames" is a success story about Park Tae-hyeong who overcomes poverty and despair, in an attempt to construct steelwork for the financial development of Korea