Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo grab BBQ together

Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo grabbed BBQ together recently and snapped some photos with fans.

The two actors, who are co-stars on the upcoming SBS drama "It"s Okay It"s Love", went to eat at a barbecue restaurant after the first filming on April 14 KST. Fans shared the above photos with the message, "Met Jo In Sung at a BBQ restaurant. He was eating with Lee Kwang Soo."

"It"s Okay It"s Love", starring Lee Kwang Soo, Jo In Sung, and Gong Hyo Jin, is scheduled to air in July!

Go Ara is a tough cop in character poster for ‘You’re All Surrounded’

Go Ara reveals her character poster for upcoming drama 'You're All Surrounded'.

Go Ara is looking serious in the photos holding mega phone and pistol portraying her cop image. She will play the role of 'Uh Soo Sun' who has positive and just character.

SBS upcoming drama 'You Are All Surrounded' plots the story of rookie cops at Gangnam Police Department in Seoul which centers at the four main characters, Lee SeungGi, Go Ara, Cha Seung Won, and Ahn Jaehyun. It will follow 'Three Days' and premieres on April 30 every Wednesday & Thursday at 9:55KST.

Check out her greeting video below:

JungGiGo Postpones New Song ‘Want U’ Release

(Photo : Starship Entertainment)

Singer JungGiGo delayed the release of his new song "Want U." He"s mourning with the victims of the sinking.

JungGiGo was planning to release an exciting new song called "Want U (Feat. Beenzino)" on the 17th through numerous music sites. However because of the terrible ferry sinking accident, he took into account the sorrowful situation and announced postponement of the new song. He will be mourning with the victims of the accident.

JungGiGo"s agency Starship Entertainment said, "We send our deepest condolences to those suffering from the devastation caused by the sinking. At the end of our discussion, we decided to delay the release of his new song for the time being." They continued, "We sincerely pray for the safe return of those missing."

Block B Postpones New Album Release – Mourning For Lives Lost From Ferry Tragedy

(Photo : OSEN)

Boy group Block B has delayed the release of their new album because of the unfortunate sunken ferry tragedy.

Block B"s agency Seven Seasons announced through their official Twitter and SNS on the 16th that they would be delaying the release of Block B"s new single "Jackpot".

Block B stated, "This comeback title song is called "Jackpot", and we were determined to show you an exciting performance. Because of the current situation, the members" state of mind doesn"t match with this title song, so we won"t be able to show you our best. That"s why we adjusted the album release date."

They continued, "We offer a heartfelt apology to our fans that have shown much interest and anticipation. The first batch of the "Jackpot" album will go on offline sales at music stores

EXO, INFINITE, BEAST – The Pretty Boys Are Coming Back

This spring season has been an exciting season of new music, but it"s not over yet - EXO, INFINITE, and BEAST are coming back to satiate their fans" thirst.

EXO, the ones who are being called the "Trend of K-Pop", held their "Comeback Show" in front of 8,000 fans with a new mini album, "Overdose." Suho commented on the new album, saying, "We really gave it our all. Even though we are splitting up as EXO-K and EXO-M, I hope they continue their support in both China and Korea."

EXO"s comeback itself has become a hot issue. When an individual member"s teaser was released, it instantly became the "most searched for" word. The teaser for the single "Overdose" hit over 3.5 million views in three days.

"Overdose" is an R&B and Hip Hop crossover song that was produced by the famous producing team The Underdogs and producer Kenzie

KBS Cancels April 17th Showing Of ‘Happy Together 3’

KBS 2TV"s "Happy Together 3" was cancelled due to the aftermath of the sinking of the ferry.

One KBS representative stated on the 17th, ""Happy Together 3," which was supposed to air at 11:10PM tonight, has been cancelled."

The rep continued, "Since the ferry sinking is an urgent matter, we decided not to broadcast "Happy Together 3.""

Other major Korean TV channels cancelled entertainment shows to show their condolences for the victims of the horrific accident. Singers are also mourning the lost lives by postponing their activities through this difficult time.

Music Industry, All Activity Paused This Week… Possible Delay In Comebacks

It seems that the music industry will be "on break" at least until this week. (Photo : osen)

It looks like the music industry will be "on hold" at least until end of this week.

Currently, only the cancellation of Mnet "M! Countdown" and KBS "Music Bank" have been confirmed but viewers are expecting MBC and SBS to find it unfitting to air their music programs as well. Even if they do decide to put on the shows, there is a big possibility that the singers will be reluctant to perform.

When the first cancellation issue came up yesterday, it was due to the condolences that everyone was sending to the victims of the Korean ferry sinking incident. One representative said, "Until now, whenever incidents happened, the music industry always had a big effect. But this time, the situation is a lot worse so we only find it natural for us to stop our activity for now

G-Dragon, On Sinking Ferry Incident “#PRAYFORSOUTHKOREA”

G-Dragon sent condolences to those in the sinking ferry. (Photo : twitter)

G-Dragon sent his condolences to those in the sinking ferry.

Today, G-Dragon posted on his Twitter, "#PRAYFORSOUTHKOREA."

His Tweet has been retweeted tens of thousands of times, spreading throughout the world.

Internet users who saw this commented, "Please pray for South Korea", "I hope to hear good news soon", etc.

Photo Credit: G-Dragon Twitter

K-Pop Concert ‘WAPOP’ April 19 Show Cancelled Due To Korean Ferry Incident

The Korean concert "WAPOP" show on April 19 was cancelled. (Photo : happy face entertainment)

The Korean concert "WAPOP" scheduled on April 19 was cancelled.

Happy Face Entertainment who is in charge of the concert"s promotion revealed today, "As we send condolences to the victims and families of the Jindo ferry sinking incident, we decided to cancel the concert on April 19."

They continued, "At this moment when the whole nation is mourning, it is not right for artists to be joyful on stage or for the audience to joyfully attend the concert. We also wanted to send condolences as a whole so we came up with this decision."

They lastly added, "We sincerely hope for all lost people to return safely."

"WAPOP" has been held every Saturday in Seoul but this week"s event will be cancelled as stated

Korean Entertainment Comes To A Halt In the Wake Of A National Tragedy

With the rescue operations for the Se Wol ferry"s shipwreck stymied by operational miscues, the Korean entertainment industry made an unilateral decision to shut down until the situation is improved.

Korean ferry Se Wol crashed on April 16th near South Jeonju. The current analysis is that there will be more death and casualty than previously anticipated, with some 200 passengers missing and expected to have deceased. When the news was first released, the general consensus was that rescue operations will go smoothly and the incident will be resolved in a few days. However, the situation turned for the worst, and the Korean entertainment industry has decided a shut-down of sorts in an effort to show their support for the families of the victims as well as to stay ready to broadcast any news of the tragedy.

Broadcasting companies stopped the airing of all drama and entertainment shows until further notice