B.A.P, EXO, VIXX and Infinite Fans Send Jindo Care Packages

A number of boy band fan groups have announced that they will be sending care packages to the southern city of Jindo, where families of those affected by the passenger ferry disaster are still gathered.

Fans of B.A.P, VIXX, EXO, Infinite and other artists have already pledged their support, sending packages in the names of the artists they support. A B.A.P fan club has announced it will send boxes of tea and instant coffee, while a group of female EXO fans said it will be sending heat packs and vitamin drinks. Infinite fans also said they would send similar products.

Some fans posted messages online to explain their actions. One wrote, “I want to send the people in Jindo a hot cup of coffee.” Another said, “I know that it’s just a small gesture, but if we can be of some small help to anyone in Jindo, that would be great

Prince Mak explains why he was not included in JJCC’s MV for ‘At First’

JJCC"s Chinese-Australian member Prince Mak, who was the last to join the group, sat down for an interview recently and revealed why he was not present for the group"s debut MV for soothing title track "At First."

He first talked about general things, saying, "I liked carrying around an instrument since I was young. The instrument I"m best at is the guitar." He also introduced himself as the easily smiling "Smile Man," showing a bright energy during his interview.

Mak said, "While traveling for the filming, I fell at a rest stop and could not appear in the MV because I hurt my face and knee."

It"s good to see that he is feeling much better now and fans can look forward to his handsome appearance in JJCC"s next MV!

Kang Ji Hwan shows his rough manliness in still cuts of ‘Big Man’

Actor Kang Ji Hwan (previously of "Incarnation of Money" and "Lie To Me") exuded a rough and manly charm in still cuts for upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Big Man."

On April 18, he revealed through the production crew why he chose this drama: "Every time I pick a drama, I always feel like I need to do this drama no matter what when I look at the main character . . . It"s a production with that many appeals. It covers all of the genres through one man"s challenge, love, growth, and more."

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He explained how the story was something any man would have dreamt of at least once in their as it centers on power, opposition, and protecting someone precious

Song Jae Lim Reveals That He Is Still Close with Kim Soo Hyun

In a recent interview with eNEWS, actor Song Jae Lim revealed the he is still close with Kim Soo Hyun, since their time together in the drama “Moon that Embraces the Sun.” When asked if he still is in contact with Kim Soo Hyun, he said, “Soo Hyun has been busy lately, so we haven’t talked as much, but we still contact each other when we can.” Song Jae Lim added, smiling, “He keeps changing his phone number, but I think it would be nice if he stopped.”

Song Jae Lim had garnered a lot of interest during “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” as an actor who doesn’t have anything to lose being caught in the same frame as Kim Soo Hyun. Song Jae Lim said, “In one interview, Soo Hyun said that my face is smaller than his, but I don’t think so.” He continued, “It’s really great seeing him do so well after the end of his latest drama

Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and more celebrities ask to pray for South Korea

Through SNS, celebrities are sharing their hopes and thoughts on the tragic ferry accident that is shaking the nation of South Korea. Yesterday, a few celebrities like G-Dragon and Hyorin were revealed to have taken to Twitter to express their condolences and hopes for a miracle. Even today, more and more celebrities" SNS messages are coming to light, taking the online community by storm.

_K) April 17, 2014

Shin So Yul of ‘Reply 1994′ fame is ravishing in white for ‘A.H.C’ cosmetics

Actress Shin So Yul of "Reply 1994" fame showed a sweet and pure image as the model for cosmetics brand "A.H.C." A few cuts were revealed of her looking radiant in white, perfectly capturing the air of innocence with her sweet smile.

Her agency Family Actors said, "In order to show a different color and charm from Shin So Yul"s cheerful and lively image, the pictures were directed to be more beautiful and clean cut. Meanwhile, this monodrama-like photo shoot was a chance to show another appeal to Shin So Yul."

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Seeing the pictures, netizens exclaimed, "Pretty," "Her skin is the best," "So she was a cosmetics model," "A new appeal," and more

Editor’s Pick: EXO Come Back In Top Form With The Powerful ‘Overdose’

(Photo : SM Town Official Facebook)

The 12-member South Korean, Canadian and Chinese boy band EXO has built an army of rabidly devoted followers with their darkly theatrical take on synth-heavy pop and having the gothic image to match.

With chart-topping singles like "Wolf" and "Growl" the group, comprised of the sub-units Exo-K and Exo-M, has earned their spot at the top of the K-pop scene.

On the new single "Overdose," EXO has taken their powerful sound to the next level; delivering a highly infectious single that really goes places.

From the first time you hear "Overdose" it immediately sticks in your head, with a melody hook in the chorus that is pure, anthemic pop bliss.

Whether or not you speak Korean, after a few listens you"ll be shouting along with the chorus and looking for the replay button when the song is over

Kang Ji Hwan in “Big Man”: I’ve Always Wanted to Act as This Character

Actor Kang Ji Hwan expressed his anticipation for his character in the upcoming KBS2TV drama “Big Man.”

On April 18, the actor answered the reason for his selection to play the lead role in the drama. According to a staff of the drama’s production team, the actor expressed, “Whenever I am deciding on a drama that I want to act in, I look over the main copy and I choose the one that really makes me want to act it in. ‘Big Man’s’ main copy also gave me to feeling of ‘This is the role that I’ve always wanted to try.’ This is a drama that is very compelling and interesting. The drama has all of the feelings of love, growth, and other genres. ‘Big Man’ revolves around the story that aims to protect the people you love using all of your powers, and it’s a part that all men dream of wanting to act in

Bae Doo Na and Kim Sae Ron’s Movie Stills Released

Still photos of actresses Kim Sae Ron and Bae Doo Na have been released to the media ahead of the release of the much-anticipated movie, “A Girl at My Door”.

The movie, which is set to screen at the Cannes International Film Festival later this year, will also mark the directorial debut of filmmaker Jang Ju Ri. It centers on mysterious events that unfold in a small Korean seaside town. At the heart of the suspense is a 14 year-old girl called Doo Hee, played by Kim Se Ron, while Bae Doo Na plays a troubled police officer attempting to tackle this tricky case.

The photos feature Kim Se Ron looking a little older than some viewers will remember from her previous roles, standing near a field of yellow flowers. Bae Doo Na is pictured wearing police uniform

Five Fun Facts About Go Ara

The actress Go Ara will soon be surrounded by some top notch male leads in the upcoming drama "You"re Surrounded."

She will play a rookie police officer that barely made the grade but is so passionate about working for justice that she keeps on fighting. It"s a fitting role as the 24-year-old actress has demonstrated plenty of determination throughout her career.

Her "You"re Surrounded" co-stars include Lee Seung Gi, last seen in "Gu Family Book," Cha Seung Won, who appeared in "The Greatest Love," and Ahn Jae Hyeon, who last appeared in "You Who Came From The Stars."

Here are some more facts you may not know about this up and coming actress.

1. She won a role in the Japanese-Mongolian film "Blue Wolf by beating out 39,157 other actresses