MNET cancels the premiere of EXO’s new reality show ‘xoxo EXO’ #PrayForSouthKorea

EXO are going to have their new reality show on MNET titled 'xoxo EXO' which is supposed to premiere its first episode on April 18 at 10:10PM KST.

However, due to that sunken ferry tragedy, they postponed the broadcast and will be moved to a new date. MNET is going to notify fans with new premiere date and further details.

EXO's 'xoxo EXO' is going to cover the boys domestic and global activities during and after their promotion for 'Overdose'. It has been anticipated by their fans because of their exciting comeback which happened on April 15.

Moreover, EXO also cancel their Samsung Music related events.

SPICA’s Juhyun to make her acting debut in ‘Love and War 2′

SPICA"s Juhyun will be making her acting debut in the upcoming episode of the KBS2 drama "Love and War 2"!


Kim Woo Bin Has A Habit Of Sticking His Tongue Out? Compilation Of Pictures

Actor Kim Woo Bin"s cute habit was caught on camera. (Photo : sidushq)

Actor Kim Woo Bin"s cute habit was caught on camera.

Today, agency Sidus HQ revealed a compilation of pictures of Kim Woo Bin during his Asia tour fan meeting "Kim Woo Bin, The 1st Fan Meeting in Asia".

In the pictures, Kim Woo Bin was sticking his tongue out during his fan meeting. Whenever he was looking at his fans, received a difficult question to answer, was listening to the translator speak, or was about to speak, he stuck his tongue out a little bit.

Photo Credit: SidusHQ

EXO’s Addictive New Song – How Do You Feel About ‘Overdose’?

(Photo : SM)(Photo : SM)(Photo : SM)

At EXO"s comeback show on the 15th, the idol group revealed about 10 seconds of 5 of the songs on their new album Overdose. EXO"s performance was especially highlighted, but the public hasn"t forgotten about the overall completeness of their previous song "Growl." That"s why fans are greatly expectant for the style of music in EXO"s new album.


The Underdogs has worked with Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and even Girls" Generation, and also had a hand in EXO"s newest song "Overdose." The Underdogs worked with SM"s composer Kenzie. The new song stands somewhere in between "Growl" and "Mama," and is a hip hop and R&B based song that"s funky. It has a neat sound like "Growl," but is mixed with electronic sounds, too. Should we say it"s like the dubstep version of "Growl"? The development of the song is dramatic

MBLAQ, “We Contact Rain But He Doesn’t Reply”

Idol group MBLAQ revealed their relationship with singer Rain. (Photo : mnet)

Idol group MBLAQ revealed the status of their relationship with singer Rain.

In Mnet "Beatles Code 3D" aired yesterday, MBLAQ talked about recently moving from J. Tune Entertainment, the same agency as Rain, to Cube Entertainment. They stated, "Our contract ended."

The MCs asked, "So Rain wasn"t the CEO?" and MBLAQ said, "No, there"s a separate CEO. As artists, it"s only natural that we go look for a better environment and offers at the time. I think that"s why we moved."

MBLAQ was referred to as "Rain"s group" in their days of debut. About this, Mir said, "Yes. He really was our producer."

The MCs again asked, "Does that mean he stopped working with you guys?" and the members said, "Rain told us right before going to the army that he wants us to be able to stand on our own now

Eunji Envied By Co- A Pink’s Members Because oF Her Friendship With Jo In Sung

A Pink guested on the Mnet"s show "Beatles Code 3D" and shared about what made them jealous about what Eunji"s popularity blossom through her acting.

Hayoung shared, "The audience"s shout is different [for Eunji] at events. Their cheers are especially loud when she sings," and Namjoo said, "I"m jealous that she gets to interact with a lot of people because she"s in dramas."

Shindong shared, "I heard you guys were envious when she came back from drinking with her drama co-star Jo In Sung and bragged about it?"

Namjoo said, "I was jealous when she called him "In Sung oppa,"" which showed how close Eunji to In Sung while doing their Korean drama "Wind Blows In Winter".

Who wouldn"t envy Eunji"s closeness to one of Korea"s known actor and also a heart rob. 

San E, Picture With A Girl While Sleeping? New Song ‘Body Language’ Teaser Photo

Rapper SanE revealed the concept image of his new single "Body Language" being released on April 22. (Photo : brand new music)

Rapper San E revealed the concept image of his new single "Body Language" being released on April 22.

In the picture released today, San E is sleeping without a shirt on and a girl is posing for the camera. Her face is covered with her hair, arousing curiosity.

"Body Language" has provocative, rated-R lyrics. Agency Brand New Music said, "This picture was prepared by San E himself and it was to bring fun to his fans. It brings odd imaginations to the viewers, just as his new song is provocative and sexual."

Photo Credit: Brand New Music

MBLAQ’s G.O Will Play A Role In His Third Musical ‘The Kingdom of the Winds’

MBLAQ"s G.O is said to be playing in the musical remake of "The Kingdom of the Winds" ("The Land of the Wind")!
According to Seoul Performing Arts Company on April 17 which they confirmed about the idol participation saying, "MBLAQ"s G.O will star in the musical "The Kingdom of the Winds", which will open on May 11."

The historical play "The Kingdom of the Winds" tells the story of the third king of Koguryeo, Daemushin (Muhyool). G.O. is set to play the role of his son Ho Dong and got to reunite with will "Gwanghwamun Sonata" co-star Go Young Bin. G.O had his acting career bloom as musical actor and debuted on "Gwanggwamun Sonata" and then "Seopyeonje". So pretty sure he would do great on this upcoming musical.

"The Kingdom of the Winds" is set to open its curtain on May 11-20 at CJ Towol Theater, Seoul. 

ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik & Kahi’s kiss, 11-year age gap doesn’t matter

ZE:A's Park Hyungsik and Kahi had their kissing scene from 'Bonnie and Clyde' Musical performed on April 16 at BBC Hall, BBC Art Center, Shinsadong, Seoul.

The two actors showed an intense and thrilling love story. Hyungsik and Kahi performed their characters 'Bonnie' and 'Clyde' well. Even with 11 years age gap, the two showed unwavering act during their kissing scene.

The musical 'Bonnie and Clyde' is going to be shown in theater until June 29 with cast Key, Hyungsik, Eom Ki Hoon, and Enok as Clyde and Kahi, Oh So Yeon as Bonnie.

Check out more photos below:

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Kwon Sang Woo Shared His Recovery After His Second Surgery On His Leg

Actor Kwon Sang Woo recently updates his fans about his condition after he underwent his second surgery on his leg last month. 

Kwon Sang Woo posted his message on his fan cafe on 16th, "You"re doing well, right? I am also recovering from my surgery. I am walking normally now."

The actor had an injury in one of his ligament and have to undergo surgery, and he have to follow up by a second one to complete the treatment but due to his busy schedule it was delayed because of his filming "Medical Top Team". He received another surgery in March and now focusing on his recovery. had previously injured a ligament in his leg and received surgery. 

He shared some good news to his fans saying "I will enter filming for "Detective" starting in July. I think this film will be a turning point for me."

"Detective" is the story of a library owner which was obsessed with mystery fiction and ended up digging a murder incident that involved his friends