"Uncontrollably Fond" Suzy and "The Handmaiden" Kim Tae-ri at the airport

Suzy from "Uncontrollably Fond" and Kim Tae-ri from "The Handmaiden" were spotted at the airport. Suzy left for Sydney at the 25th. She wore a nude colourget dressed that seems like a trench coat with suede ankle boots. Her hair was once let down naturally and her lips were red. Kim Tae-ri gave the impression at the airport naturally dressed

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Namgoong Min to megastar in

Namgoong Min to megastar in "Temporary Special Forces" as heart boss of voice phishing gang

Namgoong Min took on the role of Nam Gyu-man in the drama "Remember" early this year. He played the bad guy yetwas once still very talked-about for his devilish attractions. In the more fresh drama "Beautiful Gong-sim", he played Ahn Dante, a trustworthy and cheerful character. It turned intothru this drama that he have becomethe following romantic comedy king

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