Movie star Hyeon Bin to construct 10 billion won building

Actor Hyeon Bin is constructing a 10 billion won building in Cheong Dam-dong.

According to Gangnam District Office, Hyeon Bin's family's HB Family Holdings received a permit to establish a 4-storey basement and 7-storey high building in Cheong Dam-dong on the 7th of March. Total floor space of the building is 1592.54㎡ and a lot area is 362.5㎡.

HB Family Holdings bought 4.8 billion won worth of land and buildings in September last year. They were purchased with pure cash and no loans.

Those in real estate say, "This area they are building in has a lot of high class buildings so the value of the building would be around 10 billion won. "

HB Family Holdings was established in 2007 and runs Hyeon Bin's fan club, protects the right to his portrait, copyright and intellectual property right and has a hand in real estate in business too

SeeYa’s Ex-Member Kim Yeon Ji Drops MV Teaser for “Sad Day”

Kim Yeon Ji, the former lead vocalist from 3-member vocal group SeeYa, is preparing for her comeback after four years away from the scene.

On April 17, she dropped a video teaser for ballad “Sad Day.” Composer Kim Sae Jin, who recently wrote Hyorin’s “Hello” from “Man from the Stars” OST and Ailee’s “Tears Stole the Heart,” penned the music and Choi Jae Woo wrote the lyrics.

Kim Yeon Ji shared a little of what she’s going through right before her comeback. “As someone who is pretty much starting all over again, I’m half excited and half worried. Just like how I’ve worked really hard in the past, I want to show and present songs through a soulful voice and a sincere heart

‘Big Man’ releases two posters and teasers ahead of premiere later this month

Upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama "Big Man" released two posters and teasers to stir excitement for the premiere later this month!

The poster shows Kang Ji Hwan looking into the mirror of his transformation from poor man Kim Ji Hyuk to chaebol Kang Ji Hyuk.

The drama"s rep stated, "This poster portrays the story of a man who goes from living a low-class life to becoming an instant chaebol and fighting for his life... As much as the actors have enthusiasm and a perfect combination of characters, please look forward to the thrilling story."

"Big Man" portrays the story of an orphan who goes through a fight reminiscent of "David and Goliath" as he tries to protect himself and his loved ones. It will premiere on April 28 at 10 PM KST!

Kim Yeon Ji releases MV teaser for ‘Sad Day’

SeeYa's Kim Yeon Ji releases the MV teaser for her solo comeback 'Sad Day'.

Kim Yeon Ji is coming back as solo after her group SeeYa disbanded, with an album 'Never Land Project' which is scheduled to be released on April 18.

Check out the MV teaser below:

Song Hye-kyo vs. Zhang Ziyi

Two leading actresses from Korea and China have come together. Song Hye-kyo and Zhang Ziyi attended the attended the previewing event of the movie "The Crossing" at the Beijing Hotel, China on the 16th.

Their extreme fashion drew the eye. Song Hye-kyo wore a white blouse with a blue skirt and looked elegant. Zhang Ziyi on the other hand wore a red mini dress and looked strong.

Even their hairstyles contrasted. Song Hye-kyo had her hair up and revealed her long neck-line. On the other hand Zhang Ziyi let go of her long wavy hair which came down to her shoulders.

Meanwhile, "The Crossing" is a recreation of the sinking of the ship called "The Crossing" in 1949. Song Hye-kyo, Zhang Ziyi, Chang Chen, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Huang Xiaoming and other Chinese top stars are lining up the cast

Song Seung-heon, Park Hwi-soon and others pray for the missing

Actors are mourning for those missing in the sinking ship.

Actor Song Seung-heon said on Twitter, "I am watching the news and praying with my heart but it's so devastating. I mourn for the sinking of the ship and I pray the missing victims are all safe".

Park Hwi-soon tweeted, "I hope everyone is safe! All your families are worried and I am so heartbroken. I wish for a miracle!". Comedian Jeong Jong-cheol Tweeted, "It's a sad day. I hope for a miracle".

2PM's Joon Kei said, "I hope everyone is rescued safe and sound". Super Junior Ryeo-wook said, "I hear tragic news the first thing I get to Korea. Rest in peace and I hope everyone is rescued quickly".

Meanwhile, a passenger ferry called Sewol sank in the waters of Jindo on the 16th around 8:58AM

South Korean Entertainment Industry Halts Programming And Events In Wake Of Ferry Tragedy

A day after the a South Korean ferry carrying hundreds of people sank 11 miles off the country"s coast, the Korean Entertainment industry has decided to halt programming and schedules while the search continues for the 290 missing passengers.

Shock and horror has rattled the nation as citizens mourn one of the most tragic peacetime disasters in recent South Korean history.The ferry, bound for the southern island of Jeju, sank on Wednesday carrying 475 people, including 325 students and 14 teachers from Danwon High School, only 170 of whom have been accounted for so far.

In light of recent events, many major players in the Korean entertainment industry have put their schedules on hold as rescue efforts continue.

With the majority of South Korean broadcast networks focusing on the incident and its aftermath, entertainment programming will be cancelled for at least the next few days

FIESTAR postpone comeback date to join the mourning for the ship tragedy #PrayForSouthKorea

FIESTAR postpone their comeback to sympathize and mourn after the ship tragedy occurred yesterday.

A very unfortunate news has broken out on April 16, after a South Korea ferry sank on its way to Jeju leaving 6 people dead and almost 290 passengers missing , including high school students missing.

Prior to this, FIESTAR agency told StarNews on 17, "FIESTAR is going to release new single on April 25 and the full scale promotional activities which scheduled to start on 23rd are all postponed." Adjusting to later date than the original plan.

The group is coming back with five members after Cheska's withdrawal last month. Hope fans can patiently wait for Jei, CaoLu, Linzy, Hyemi, and Yezi's comeback.

May the souls of deceased rest in peace and we also pray for faster rescue of those who are missing

Original SeeYa member Kim Yeon Ji teases for her solo comeback with ‘Sad Day’

Talented singer Kim Yeon Ji, who was a member of the now disbanded female trio SeeYa, is getting ready for her return with a teaser!

She will be releasing a new album "Never Land Project", which she worked on with composer Kim Se Jin, and this will be her first official comeback in four years.

on Earth 2014: New York

So check out her teaser for title track "Sad Day" (aka "Everyday Farewell") above and stay tuned for the full release on the 18th!

Choo Sarang covers ‘Let It Go’!!!

Choo Sung Hoon's adorable daughter Choo Sarang received much love with her appearance on KBS show 'The Return of Superman'.

Her father uploaded a video of Sarang singing Let It Go through her official Facebook page, she's seen singing along to the track while playing her kid piano.

Watch her cover below: